c studio design hero pt 2

  • bring in camel brown color
  • stitch is cool
  • tabi prints?
  • text wrap — use portrait and work to form rag
  • utilize gestalt principles
  • maybe use red on cover and in center spread and brown in the rest
  • first spread is weaker
  • need to include text portrait somewhere
  • get rid of image portrait bc it feels too much like a portrait
  • adding more imagery on the first two spreads — craziness kind of hits you in the face in the first spread
  • didn't love confetti idea
  • maybe make one of the veil pictures big
  • add more lines with blocking out text?
  • add more images in first two spreads — hits too hard in third
  • add line out of 2001 model and makit is flow into timeline



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Hannah Lesser

Hannah Lesser

design + global studies at carnegie mellon university