E Studio Project 2 w/ Emily Liu

cool buttons
“Mad Libs” interface — would use speech recognition and type would appear
Visitors would be able to “snapshot” and send to friends/family, or save for themselves
After showing memory surrounding where their favorite spot to drink coffee on campus is, the glasses might show something like this — coffee shops near campus etc.
what the memory spots might look like
  • acknowledging the possibilities of technology
  • The glasses worn are going to be seamlessly integrated into the routine of people’s lives. They will be carried around the same way our keys and cellphones are.
  • We believe this seamless integration is only possible under our speculations for how AR itself will be designed in the future
  • also acknowledging the possibilities for how people will grow and change in the future. What will the “new normal” be? As people change technology, how will people also allow technology to change them? Personal devices have completely changed almost all routine experiences, such as learning, fitness, and dining, and only in the matter of a decade.




design + global studies at carnegie mellon university

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Hannah Lesser

Hannah Lesser

design + global studies at carnegie mellon university

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